anxiety, depression, mindfulness, self-compassion, Trauma

It’s OK To Not Be OK

Are you comfortable feeling uncomfortable?

Are you at peace with not feeling peaceful?

Are you content to not always be happy?

Life isn’t always going to be joyful. Life isn’t always going to be peaceful. Life isn’t always going to be comfortable. That’s ok. Or is it?

What if we strive to, instead of being happy, to be content?

What if we stop fighting feelings of fear?

What if we lean into our negative feelings, instead of running from them?

When we run from negative feelings, such as fear, loneliness and depression, those negative feelings increase. As we fear, we begin to fear the feelings of fear, which makes us even more fearful. As we fight feelings of fear or loneliness, we can become depressed. Depression in and of itself can make us even more depressed. Thoughts of “I shouldn’t feel like this” or “I don’t want to feel like this anymore” can cause us to run or fight, increasing our negative emotions.

Through therapeutic mindfulness, you can learn to sit with your uncomfortable feelings and be ok with not being ok. As you do, fear, loneliness and depression begin to decrease. The power of those negative emotions are taken away. Though you may still feel some discomfort, the discomfort won’t control you. Instead, YOU will control your discomfort.