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What Do Social Workers Do?

When I first started pursuing a career as a Clinical Social Worker, I often heard people say "Oh, you are the person who rips screaming babies out of the arms of their mother". Well...not quite.

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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines Day is looming and for many it is a difficult day; a reminder of the love they are missing. However, Valentines Day can be the perfect day to show yourself love and practice self compassion. You don't need an intimate partner to celebrate this day. Make it a point this year to be your… Continue reading Be Your Own Valentine

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Grief in the Holidays

Holidays can be extremely hard and triggering for those who are grieving the lost of a loved one.  Here are a couple tips to help:  Make time/room to include your lost loved one into your celebration: Leave an empty chair, make one of their favorite dishes, have their picture or their ashes with you, and… Continue reading Grief in the Holidays

anxiety, depression, mental health, mindfulness, psychotherapy, religion, self-compassion, therapy, Trauma

Is Happy Theology Bringing You Down?

Check out my latest blog  "Is Happy Theology Brining You Down" which I wrote for the Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma.  You can read it by following this link: