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Freedom in Forgiveness

Many people think that when we forgive someone we are letting them off the hook for the wrong they did.  Actually, forgiveness is not for the person who wronged us, it’s for ourselves. Forgiveness is selfish. 

When we hold on to resentment, bitterness brews within us. Bitterness is a root that grows in our hearts and can negatively affect other areas of our lives. Bitterness takes us down and steals our joy.  It can even cause depression and anxiety.  Unforgiveness is like carrying around a backpack filled with rotten potatoes, which weighs us down and prevents us from moving on.


  • Does NOT excusing the one who hurt you or did you wrong.
  • Does NOT mean you re-engage in a relationship with the one who hurt you.
  • Does NOT equal trust. Forgiveness is given. Trust is earned.

Forgiveness IS:

  • Saying goodbye to bitterness and resentment.
  • Gaining freedom from pain.
  • Releasing the beauty of peace and happiness.
  • Letting go in order to move on.

Forgiveness is hard, but is it also possible. If you need help forgiving someone, you may want to consider professional therapy. Working with a professional therapist can help you process the wrong that was done to you, help you discover the strength to forgive and the joys that follow.  Why should you forgive? Because YOU deserve it!