depression, self-compassion, self-esteem

Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines Day is looming and for many it is a difficult day; a reminder of the love they are missing. However, Valentines Day can be the perfect day to show yourself love and practice self compassion. You don’t need an intimate partner to celebrate this day. Make it a point this year to be your own Valentine. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Give yourself a valentine: get yourself a card and write a love letter to yourself identifying you attributes and values.
  2. Treat yourself: from chocolates to a massage, do something special for yourself that you enjoy.
  3. Send yourself flowers or balloons: you don’t need to wait for someone to get you flowers. Call a florist and send yourself your favorite flowers with a special note, mantra or scripture verse.
  4. Hug Yourself: literally wraps your arms around your body and give yourself a warm loving squeeze. You deserve it.
  5. Make yourself a beautiful dinner, and don’t forget the candles and your favorite dessert. This is your time. Make it special for you.

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